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What companies must do

by Chris Scholz on July 14, 2019

Last week an article written by Mischa Ehrhardt has been published in various German media. For this article I got a chance to talk a little bit about Generation Z. We see: Companies really have to recognize, that Generation Z is a new kid on the block. This article also found its way into an English version -> […]

Stories making the Sunday papers

by Chris Scholz on July 24, 2017

Austrian economist Christian Scholz, a business professor at the University of Saarland in Saarbrücken, said the post-millennial Generation Z  “longs for solid structures, wants continuity and a regular working and leisure life.” –> link

Generation Z: “not information literate”

by Chris Scholz on July 25, 2015

In this old (2006) but very interesting article (->hier)  Caroline Geck discusses how the the generation Z  is  dealing with information: “This group’s preferred method of Internet searching is to start with a Google search, even if that may not be the most efficient or fastest means to the answer. This generation’s overreliance on Google as […]