Generation Z: „Dear Spotify, stay away from our data“

von Chris Scholz am August 22, 2015

  Given the scandals and the unbelievable greed for Big Data in our modern world this message is not surprising: The music streaming service Spotify wants to learn more about its users. Spotify tries to get access to stored data such as contacts, location data, photos or media files among others on mobile devices.   […]

Prof. Scholz: Digital Natives were yesterday. Here comes Generation Z

von Chris Scholz am April 25, 2015

Christian Scholz (Saarland University) is already thinking about Generation Z and what they will be like: Hot on the heels of Generation Y will come Generation Z. It will be a big generation gap. Generation Z is not prepared to work all hours; they want evenings and weekends for themselves. They have a hard and […]