What companies must do

by Chris Scholz on July 14, 2019

Last week an article written by Mischa Ehrhardt has been published in various German media.
For this article I got a chance to talk a little bit about Generation Z. We see: Companies really have to recognize, that Generation Z is a new kid on the block. This article also found its way into an English version -> link. Great for everyone who does not speak German.

Climate Activists turn down Big Award

by Chris Scholz on April 21, 2019

Generation Z is always good for a surprise.
But this one was a big one.

It involved a big festival in Vienna, the Austrian President and a reaction to mainstream thinking.

In particular, it involved companies and their attitude toward climate change. If they read the writing on the wall, these companies are probably not really amused.

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From GenY finally to GenZ

by Chris Scholz on April 2, 2019

We have the Millennials, the Homeland Generation, the iGeneration, and then, of course, we have Generation X,Y, Z.
They do not just have specific meanings, they have also specific years connected to it. 
Following an earlier paper, the author systematize these and other concepts, following what seems to be a trend in current academia. (more →)

Chris and John: Research Z-USA

by Chris Scholz on March 4, 2019

Financially and socially making fundamental mistakes about the next generation of Americans will be costly. Called Generation Z, they were born after 1995 and total nearly 70 million. Understanding them as employees, customers, and media consumers is essential because their demands are often unexpected and disruptive. What must employers, the media, and brands know about Gen Z? (more →)

Book Generations Z in Europe

by Chris Scholz on March 3, 2019

Great news: The new book “Generations Z in Europe” is now with the publisher.

My thanks go both to the 18 fantastic authors and to my great Co-Editor Anne Rennig!

And: Yes, it is “Generations”. Plural.
Information to the content: -> here!


GenZ @ AOM2017 Atlanta

by Chris Scholz on August 9, 2017

It has been a great privilege for me to organise our symposium
“Generation Z in Europe: A New and Challenging Face”

at the Academy of Management in Atlanta.

with six great presentations:

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