Chris and John: Research Z-USA

by Chris Scholz on March 4, 2019

Financially and socially making fundamental mistakes about the next generation of Americans will be costly. Called Generation Z, they were born after 1995 and total nearly 70 million. Understanding them as employees, customers, and media consumers is essential because their demands are often unexpected and disruptive. What must employers, the media, and brands know about Gen Z?

John Lavine and Chris Scholz: After working together for years on various issues of media management and founding IMMAA.ORG in 2004, we explore this challenging and important generation who are about to change the world we all live in. Our work focuses on the USA and Generation Z as employees, media users, students, entrepreneurs, and consumers.

  • Our focus is on recognizing patterns that go beyond the obvious and the current “Generation Z knowledge”.
  • Our work shows that the Generation Z in the USA follows in many ways the international Z-type. However, in the USA it has unique aspects worth to be understood.
  • Our output will include a collection of short reports about the Generation Z in the USA dealing with topics such as brand loyalty, consumer behavior and school shootings.
  • Our work provides actionable insights and raises challenging questions about how to deal with Generation Z.
  • Our audience are decision makers in every sector and type of organization, who deal with Generation Z.

If you are interested raising questions or providing answers about Generation Z, please contact us.


John Lavine( ran U.S. print and digital media companies for 25 years. Then he was a professor and dean at Northwestern University. There he founded and led the global Media Management Center. It worked with CEO media executives and did millions of dollars of research on U.S. media audiences and demographic generations. Then he became dean of the internationally recognized Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications and helped Northwestern create its first campus away from the U.S. in Doha, Qatar. For a quarter of a century he also led the annual Inter American Press Association study of Latin American media.

Christian Scholz(, since 2018 Professor emeritus for Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management and Information Management at Universität des Saarlandes in Saarbrücken, where he joined the Faculty for Law and Economics in 1986, became Dean, as well as the founding director of the European Institute for Advanced Behavioural Management (EIABM). He is editor/author of more than 30 books, including Human Resource Management in Europe (Routledge 2006) and Mogelpackung Work-Life-Blending (Wiley 2018), as well as books on Generation Y (Wiley 2003), Generation Z (Wiley 2014), and Generation Z in Europe (Emerald 2019, forthcoming).

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