Generation Z: Around the globe

by Chris Scholz on July 6, 2016

Two statements are quite common:

The Generation Z is about to become a real game changer.

The Generation Z is about to become the first truly global generation, with identical values and patterns of behaviour.

However: Are these statements true? Do we have the same questions and the same answers in Latin America, in Africa, in Germany? Considering the fact that “generations” are shaped by technology, society, or environment, it is to believe, that Africa for instance with all its differentiations will display a different picture than Asia. Or: Do we see the  Generation Z as a global phenomenon with country/continent specific “mutations” ? Or something totally different?

Therefore: The project Generation Z will be started. Everyone from all the different generations and all the different regions of our world is invited to join.

A first sketch of the basic idea can be found -> here, details to workshops , e.g., related to Europe and Latin America will be posted soon.

If you have suggestions or would like to join: Just let us know! 


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