Generation Z: “Dear Spotify, stay away from our data”

by Chris Scholz on August 22, 2015


Given the scandals and the unbelievable greed for Big Data in our modern world this message is not surprising: The music streaming service Spotify wants to learn more about its users.

Spotify tries to get access to stored data such as contacts, location data, photos or media files among others on mobile devices.

But what a surprise: We get a shitstorm over that issue. If one now assumes that the 60-year-old record owners are not the typical Spotify users, is clear: Here the Generation Z is protesting.

Again the difference between Generation Y and the younger Generation Z (born after 1990) apparent: This Generation Z has an increased need for privacy, therefor also for a private data space. This can be seen not only on the scandal surrounding Spotify, but also in many works: Thus the research institute GfK sees a significant share in the Generation Z interested in protecting their private data (“very relevant = 47%) , a value which does not fit the image of the naive youth. Also KPMG, the IPG Media Lab and other studies indicate that privacy is important for the Generation Z.

Surely the Generation Z has an extreme openness in dealing with private data, as you can see on Facebook. But again, it could be that we all are a bit too much distracted from the “Digital Natives” (Generation Y) and transfer this image to the Generation Z: That Generation Z even turns a bit away from Facebook and into “more private” data rooms.

Remarkable: Once again, we see that even large international companies with large market research departments are apparently not at all able to even begin to understand the Generation Z.



Christian Scholz, Author of “Generation Z” (Wiley 2014)

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